We have modern offices, relaxation areas in a modern workplace, with flexible infrastructure: Rhino (30 m2), Keros (110 m2), Rhinokeros (140 m2), Kitchenette, Open Terrace, Living Room, WC, Shower.


We offer Image, Sound, Computer, Photography, Video and Lighting equipment for every occasion (indicative):
Seminars, Meetings, Online Courses, Theater Performances, Yoga, Live Music.


We offer you our infrastructure and equipment to host your events of any type. We support events of up to 120 people with efficiency, responsibility and consistency.


Take part in events we carefully select and organize. From theatrical performances, artistic events and dances to seminars and discussions on scientific and social issues.


a rhino using computing and technology

We provide a modern brand new workplace that feels more like a hotel. The Space2Create ecosystem includes:

Two large shared workspaces, totaling 150 square meters.

A living room and a large open balcony for relaxation

Room for private calls

Safety deposit boxes/lockers

Zoom Ready Room with wireless microphones and 4K cameras that offer a unique teaching experience in remote or blended classes

2 Restrooms, 1 Shower

Fully equipped kitchen with microwave oven, espresso machine, infrastructure and facilities for coffee/tea preparation

Tables for small meals

Safe Space for Bicycles


many rhinos in co-working space

Stage lighting / Programmable light panel

High quality sound system and lots of Watts!

Audio mixing console

Musical Instruments (piano, guitar, bass, sax etc.)



Projection system for your presentations using a computer

Special Equipment for teleconferences with various features 

Seating for up to 100 people

Seminar equipment (tables, flipcharts, etc.)

Photo/video equipment (cameras, tripods, directional microphones, filters, lights)

Organize your Event

We offer our infrastructure and equipment to organize your events. We have three different space configurations available to rent and organize your event. At the same time, we provide the right equipment to host professional meetings and presentations, conferences, Hackathons, video shoots, Podcasts, as well as theater rehearsals, exhibitions, photo shoots, interviews, music Lives and any other event that can be hosted in our wonderful space. We can host events for up to 150 people.

Our rooms are: Rhino (30m2), Keros (120 m2), Rinokeros (150 m2). All spaces include additional use of our balcony (40 m2) and all our other infrastructureAny other equipment or facilities you may need, can be provided upon request.